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We have blank flat boxes available so you can draw your own images on the box you want to have made into a Smokey┬« Amp. To get a blank box & instructions, send a self-addressed stamped envelope and a check for $1 to Smokey Amps, PO Box 3973, Flagstaff, AZ 86003. When we receive your envelope & $1 check, we will send the blank box and instructions to you & you’ll get your $1 back in credit toward your Smokey when you send the finished box back to us. This is the most unique Smokey Amp available, make it one of a kind!

10 thoughts on “Draw your own box

  1. I’ve had your polycarb smokey for years. Is there anyway you can make a clean or very little gain smokey? I know you can lower your volume knob but u then have less volume and tone. I t would be great to have a clean one. Let me know. Thanks

    1. We can make a lower gain version, it’s quieter of course. If you want a low gain Smokey when you have your “draw your own” made, let us know and we can do that. We can also do that in a regular cigarette box or polycarbonate box Smokey, just ask!

    1. In large enough quantities, we can do custom poly box Smokeys. Though most people just get one or two “draw your own” boxes.

    1. Not likely, but not impossible. Some people already use the Smokey for bass. It’s super high gain, so it sounds a whole lot like Geezer Butler.

  2. I received a blank flat box but no instructions. I’ve finished the box design, but I’m not sure what to do with it now. Should I mail it back to the same address? What information should I include so that you know the box is mine? (Thank you for your help.)

    1. I’m sure you’ve already had your question answered by now, but in case anyone else wonders, yes, you’d send it back to us to build. You should include your contact info with the box when you send it back. If you’re really worried about it, also take a picture of the box and email it to us with your contact info and tell us it’s on its way for us to build.

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