16 thoughts on “Video: Smokey tricks

    1. Plugging one Smokey in to another will sound terrible, but it won’t hurt anything (other than your ears). Plugging anything more powerful into a Smokey can hurt your Smokey amp though.

  1. Remember the old studio trick of placing a pignose inside of a 55gallon drum with foam all around the inside and then pushing a microphone up toward it til you got just the right sound?

    I imagine since it’s so much smaller you could do the same thing with a much smaller box, say, a briefcase or a delivery box.

    Or how about a piece of plywood right ontop of a bathroom sink??? then you’ve added some natural reverb.


    1. I’ve seen a Smokey in a bucket, a drawer, and a few other configurations to get weird and different sounds. Experiment away! Send us a video or audio recording!

  2. While you teased about it, you failed to mention how it saved your life! For me it was that I was trapped in burning building, I was locked in… I hooked up my smokey (how ironic) turned it up, put the smokey next to the window and before I got to the 5 measure of ‘dust my broom’, it shattered the window. I made my escape thanks to smokey…

  3. I play harmonica through my Little Smokey and enjoy the sound and portability. Is it possible to plug this into the PA system at an open mic jam session?

  4. Got my Smokey today, and it’s verrrry cool… My Electric Uke doesn’t have volume control – is there a simple way of adding a volume control to the Smokey (Other than by standing on it!)?

    Thanks for your help,


    1. One solution would be the Dunlop “High Gain” volume pedal. This is a foot operated volume control, and so lets you adjust your volume on the fly, totally hands free. It uses no batteries, and allows for all sorts of expression in live performance.

      Modifying your Uke would be another option. The control and knob would cost less than $20, and it’s a simple one hole installation.

      A third method would be any effects pedal with an output volume control.


  5. I roller-blade in the annual Xmas parade with guitar doing a sort of TSO thing on wheels. I used to use the Roland micro-cube but gave mine away on a missions trip to the islands last year. It sounded good but was a bit awkward and I got tired of: “No it’s not a car battery”. The new plan is to run my axe thru multiple Supro High-Gains in parallel(like 4 of ’em), strapped all over me for multi-directional volume increase! Is this possible? or maybe I need a review of basic OHMS LAW? LOL

    1. I’m not sure how close up you’re looking to get, but I think a larger image pops up when you click on a picture. What other info do you want? We’re happy to send any info you like.

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