How did the Smokey amp come to be?

Smokey Amps - Not So Ordinary

Excerpt from interview with Bruce Zinky by the 5th Fret.  Read the whole interview here.

How did the Smokey amp come to be?

The Smokey was my first amp, built the first version when I was 12. I was 16 before I could get it into the cigarette box. Totally forgot about it for 10 or so years, decided that was just the thing for folks who wanted a hand made, made in USA amp but couldn’t afford twenty five hundred for a Vibro King. This was twenty five dollars! Been doing them ever since (prices go up, new Vibro Kings are over $4600!, Smokey Amps list for $32 to $34).

Draw your own box

We have blank flat boxes available so you can draw your own images on the box you want to have made into a Smokey® Amp. To get a blank box & instructions, send a self-addressed stamped envelope and a check for $1 to Smokey Amps, PO Box 3973, Flagstaff, AZ 86003. When we receive your envelope & $1 check, we will send the blank box and instructions to you & you’ll get your $1 back in credit toward your Smokey when you send the finished box back to us. This is the most unique Smokey Amp available, make it one of a kind!