Recycled Cigarette Pack Smokey Amp

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Our original product, the classic Smokey® mini amp

  • Over 200,000 sold!
  • Any Smokey® Amp will also power any 4, 8 or 16 Ohm speaker cabinet, including a 4×12!
  • Can be used on the input of another amp as a fuzz box
  • Nine-volt battery included
  • Made in USA
  • The only way to get “your brand” is to send us your own cigarette box.

8 reviews for Recycled Cigarette Pack Smokey Amp

  1. DARYL

    Just picked up my [cig box] Smokey. Great little package. Slightly dirty to full on crunch at the turn of the volume knob on the guitar. Smiles galore!!!

  2. Johnny Østenstad

    Had mine for years, far superior to any of the plastic ones.

  3. Nathan Treece

    So, this little amp, plugged into a power amp into a 412, sounds just like a maxed JCM 800. These things rules

  4. Mariya Teplitsky

    Just received my Smokey earlier today. I was expecting it to be more of a novelty item- kind of a souvenir. It’s not. The sound is amazing; gritty but clear and melodic. I didn’t want to put down my guitar, and my family had to wrestle it away from me when it got too late to be disturbing the neighbors.
    I have a fairly respectable amp at home and already have a micro amp that I carry in my case. This will definitely replace my old micro and be a great enhancer for my main.
    I don’t know if I have an abnormally good sounding unit or if it has magic synergy with my guitar, but my Smokey sounds better than those in the YouTube videos. Maybe they are just better in person.
    Thank you.

  5. wolver1n5167

    Had mine now for over 10 years now and I STILL can’t get enough of this little beast.
    I especially LOVE when the battery is about 80% dead and I litterally play it to death. It starts to develope a gritty broken distorted death grind to it.
    So I managed to adapt a universal power cord to it, one with adjustable voltages, and now I use it with the minimum amount of power it takes to actually run it. DFN8TLY ROCKS! Such a unique sound.
    Love it so much I velcroed it to my cheap guitar, and plan on making a clip for it to attach to my strap….

  6. Andrzej Marczewski

    Got mine back in 2008 and still use it to this day! Reacts wonderfully to the guitar’s controls and is a perfect bit of kit just to knock out ideas and quick jams!

  7. John Parker

    I received a high gain version of the cigarette pack style in a 4 piece grab bag. I am not sure if it is the nature of the cigarette pack as opposed to the polycarbonate, or the high gain circuitry, but right away I noticed much more treble in the tone, more sparkly and clear compared to the polycoarbonate ones I own. If you work some mojo on your knobs you can get all kinds of versatility out of this thing, crazy growling psychedelic/metal tones to sparkly cleans to mellow jazzy ( a little tougher to coax out) that are convincing enough for you to get some of your ideas out and play around with them when you don’t feel like dealing with your regular full size amp. Now I may have to get a “regular” cigarette pack version for scientific reasons 😉 I still have not tried driving a larger cabinet speaker so I can’t say how it performs there yet.

    Another plus of the cigarette pack as opposed to the polycarbon is the battery change is so much easier. I love smokeys of all backgrounds and colors but the battery change in the polycarbons is a little bit of a pain!

    • Zinky

      Thanks! You’ll have to try driving a speaker cabinet with your Smokey Amp. It’s super fun, and surprisingly loud!

  8. Veola Durtschi

    I dugg some of you post as I thought they were very useful extremely helpful

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